Fast accurate and objective Ankle – Brachial Index measuring device for the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial disease

Indications for ABI According to ESC:

  • Age > 50 Years who smoke are hypertensive, dyslipidaemic, diabetic OR have family history of LEAD (Lower – Extremity Arterial Disease)

  • Age > 65 Years

  • Lower extremities pulse abolition and/or arterial bruit

  • Non-healing lower extremity wounds

  • Atherosclerotic disease : CAD, any PAD’S

MESI ABPI MD is a new, portable, automated screening tool for effectively and easily measuring a patient’s ABPI. The device not only takes accurate ABPI measurements, but also provides the patient’s blood pressure and heart rate in one reading. Its colours – coded cuffs simplify use, as the different colours indicate where each should be placed, i.e.

  • Red on the upper arm

  • Green on the right ankle

  • Yellow on the left ankle

These conical – shaped cuffs fit well to ensure accuracy and are available in medium and large sizes. As the cuffs inflate simultaneously, there is no delay between separate measurements being taken, thereby supporting accurate ABPI readings.

The device is lightweight and battery powered , so can be use out in the community – 30-50 readings can be taken from a fully charged battery.

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