SCHREIBER GmbH is a private owned company in the 3rd generation, specialized in manufacturing surgical Instruments and medical equipment for more than 60 years. Our wide selection of more than 20.000 surgical products is being distributed to over 75 countries.

SCHREIBER products are manufactured under highest quality standards in accordance to DIN/EN/ISO 13485.

  • Surgical instruments for all disciplines made out of stainless steel and titanium

  • Orthopaedic and trauma instruments, including basic instrumentation, maxillo facial, wires, plaster instruments and hip prosthesis

  • HBS screws, Nail extraction set and saw blades

  • Endoscopic, Arthroscopic and Laparoscopic Instruments

  • Micro surgical instruments, aneurism and vessel clips

  • Electric plaster and autopsy saws and battery and pneumatic drill systems

  • Sterilizing Containers

  • Sterile Scalpel blades, scalpels and safety scalpels

  • Our SI-LineĀ® with an excellent price-performance ratio for ambulance, ward and practice

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