Fist Assist is a novel, medical device start-up that has developed the first renal care wearable device focused on changing the standard of care of vein dilation by improving outcomes, reducing costs and improving patient compliance for the ESRD market. The Fist Assist device is an intermittent pneumatic compression device focused on vein dilation for Stage 4 and Stage 5 ESRD patients.

The Fist Assist® device (US Patent 8231558) is an external medical intermittent pneumatic compression device that can apply intermittent pressure to a specific arm vein that may help dilate the vein after fistula placement.

There is a global need to provide better vein dilation methods and devices to sufficiently dilate a vein for hemodialysis, help mature fistula, and help ensure that AVF reach their optimal size without extra delay and extra procedures.

Fist Assist

Fist Assist is a novel, non-invasive, external device which uses a pneumatic balloon for intermittent vein compression.

  • Assist with Fistula Maturation
  • Assist with venous Pre-Surgery Preparation
  • Decrease total catheter contact time and fistula development time
  • Improve fistula maturation and cannulation
  • Significantly reduce costs in treating stage 4 and ESRD markets
  • Empower patients to have a device for vein dilation.