Mesi Abpi Md

Our mission is to simplify diagnostics and help discover diseases earlier. Working in healthcare, especially developing devices that improve and facilitate the work of healthcare professionals, gives added value to our personal purpose. We all strongly stand by our mission – empower first-contact care to diagnose diseases early and therefore provide on-time and successful treatment, preventing serious consequences.

Fast accurate and objective Ankle – Brachial Index measuring device for the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial disease.

Indications for ABI According to ESC:-

  • Age > 50 Years who smoke are hypertensive, dyslipidaemic, diabetic OR have a family history of LEAD (Lower – lower-extremity arterial Disease).
  • Age > 65 Years.
  • Lower extremities pulse abolition and/or arterial bruit.
  • Non-healing lower extremity wounds.
  • Atherosclerotic disease: CAD, any PAD’S.

MESI ABPI MD is a new, portable, automated screening tool for effectively and easily measuring a patient’s ABPI. The device not only takes accurate ABPI measurements but also provides the patient’s blood

  • pressure and heart rate in one reading. Its colour – coded cuffs simplify use, as the different colours indicate where each should be placed, i.e.
  • Red on the upper arm.
  • Green on the right ankle.
  • Yellow on the left ankle.
  • These conical-shaped cuffs fit well to ensure accuracy and are available in medium and large sizes. As the cuffs inflate simultaneously, there is no delay between separate measurements being taken, thereby supporting accurate ABPI readings.

The device is lightweight and battery-powered, so can be used out in the community – 30-50 readings can be taken from a fully charged battery.

Mesi Mtablet Abi

MESI mTABLET is designed and produced for healthcare professionals with modern practice in mind.

Our Certified medical tablet is a unique healthcare Solution, integrating wireless diagnostic modules, patient records, and medical apps in one system.

All measurements and patient data are automatically stored and synchronized with the built-in electronic medical record – MESI mRECORDS that is available on the MESI mTABLET and from any web-enabled device, simply and securely.

Performance and functionality can be enhanced with numerous software and diagnostic tools available in the medical marketplace – MESI mSTORE.

The smartest wireless Ankle-Brachial Index

  • PAD sense algorithm for detection of server Peripheral Arterial Disease.
  • 3CUFF technology allows simultaneous measurement.
  • Quick and reliable ABI measurement with pulse waveform interpretation.

Mesi Mtablet Tbi


The simplest wireless Toe-Brachial Index

  • Quick and reliable TBI measurement with pulse waveform interpretation.
  • Simple 1-step automated TBI measurement performed in 1-minute.
  • The adaptive LEDTM PPG probe detects skin thickness for increased accuracy.

The MESI mTABLET TBI is not only an advanced Toe-Brachial Index measuring device. By adding smart applications, you can extend the use and make it your real lifetime associate. This makes it a truly new concept of a medical device.

Mesi Mtablet Ecg

First completely digital Electrocardiogram

  • From wireless ECG directly to the Patient record.
  • Sharing result for an immediate second opinion.
  • Expanding the medical-grade tablet with additional measurements and apps.


The most flexible Pulse Oximeter

  • An intuitive user interface with Quickly adjustable operating modes.
  • Large screen with high visibility SpO2 levels.
  • Motion artifact detection and high performance even in low perfusion.


Revolutionized office Blood Pressure

  • First wire BP cuff supporting 3 cuff sizes.
  • One BP cuff, multiple operating modes.
  • Advanced analysis options with pulse waveforms.