Introducing the next-generation in intravascular imaging

Core M2 provides the essential tools needed for utilizing IVUS to guide treatment in the OBL setting.

Indication for use

The Core M2 vascular system is used for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of vascular morphology in the coronary arteries and vessels of the peripheral vasculature. It is also indicated as an adjunct to conventional angiographic procedures to provide an image of the vessel lumen and wall structures.

ChromaFlo is indicated for qualitative blood flow information from peripheral and coronary vasculature; flow information can be an adjunct to other methods of estimating blood flow and blood perfusion.

Catheter compatibility

The Core M2 vascular system is compatible with the following catheters:

  • Visions PV .014P
  • Visions PV .014P RX
  • Visions PV .035
  • Visions PV .018
  • Pioneer plus
  • Eagle eye platinum
  • Eagle eye platinum ST