Philips Respironics, a global leader in the Sleep and Respiratory markets, is passionate about providing solutions that lead to healthier patients, healthier practices, and healthier businesses. We believe that effective sleep and respiratory management empowers patients to rediscover confidence and the freedom to live a fulfilling life by restoring their ability to sleep and breathe naturally.

At home and on the go, our personalized sleep and COPD therapies make it easy for everyone to engage with their care and integrate it into everyday life, enhancing their experience and results. As intuitive to experience as sleeping or breathing itself, our technologies and solutions help every patient to embrace their condition in order to help them in their goals to regain control, feel human again, and live the life that they want.

Our innovations support recovery and chronic care at home and connect extended care teams seamlessly, to give our healthcare partners and your patients the confidence and peace of mind that they’re always getting the care they need.



The Alice PDx portable diagnostic recording device is intended for Obstructive Sleep Apnea screening, follow-up, and diagnostic assessment of cardio-respiratory sleep disorders.

The flexible and portable sleep testing system incorporates advanced features required to meet today’s industry needs. Its compact size is perfect for home sleep testing needs while providing capabilities of basic screening to the advanced diagnostic evaluation. The system satisfies the portable testing requirements for levels II, III, and IV. The Alice PDx enables patients to be tested outside of the lab – and in the comfort of their own home – without compromising study results, and helps clinicians avoid the costs associated with retesting.



Trilogy 100 & Trilogy 200 systems provide continuous or intermittent ventilatory support for the care of individuals who require mechanical ventilation. The Trilogy 100 & Trilogy 200 are intended for pediatric through adult patients weighing at least 5 kg (11 lbs).
The device is intended to be used in the home, institution/hospital, and portable applications such as wheelchairs and gurneys, and may be used for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. It is not intended to be used as a transport ventilator.
The system is recommended to be used only with various combinations of Respironics-approved patient circuit accessories, such as patient interface devices, humidifiers, water traps, and circuit tubing.

DreamStation Auto CPAP

Philips Respironics newest CPAP machine, the DreamStation Auto CPAP is an automatic positive pressure device (APAP) designed for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The auto function allows the pressure delivered to vary in accordance with what pressure is required in order to overcome each apnic episode. With its sleek modern design, the DreamStation CPAP no longer makes your bedroom look like a hospital room.

The DreamStation Auto CPAP brings many new and improved features to the treatment of Sleep Apnea including:

SmartRamp – maintains a constant lower pressure until the device detects that you require more pressure. The user screen and control knob is located on the edge of the machine making it easier to read and control while in bed. The DreamStation has a built-in sensor to detect ambient light and dims the screen in a dark room while brightening when the room has lights on.

Opti-Start – monitors the average pressure needed and begins therapy at that pressure. Heated Humidifier water chamber is accessible from the top of the machine making it easier to remove, fill, and replace in the CPAP.



The Philips Respironics System One BiPAP Auto Bi-Flex CPAP machine offers separate pressures for inhalation and exhalation, ensuring the most comfortable treatment possible. Event detection is built into the machine and can alert you to any mask or tube leaks while you sleep. Data storage allows you to review your therapy data with your doctor at a later date and make adjustments if necessary. The optional heated humidifier and tube moisten and warm the air you breathe to eliminate any dryness or discomfort and create a positive CPAP experience.


EverFlo by Philips Respironics is a stationary oxygen concentrator that delivers all of the features homecare providers and patients could want from a device without the weight, bulk, or frequent maintenance associated with other devices.

The 5-liter per minute EverFlo boasts a unique set of features designed to reduce the costs of oxygen therapy while remaining easy to use for patients:

● Weighing 31lbs, the EverFlo stationary oxygen concentrator is lightweight and easily transportable.

● EverFlo’s compact and ergonomic design occupies less space in the home while looking less like a medical device.

● Extremely quiet – making the device less disruptive and more comfortable to use

● Uses less energy and produces less heat – making it both patient- and environmentally-friendly

● Designed with fewer parts, with no filters for the patient to change – resulting in less maintenance in the long run.

● A recessed flow meter and metal cannula connection make EverFlo one of the most durable concentrators on the market.

● EverFlo’s Humidifier Bottle Platform is compatible with all oxygen bottle styles

● Available with or without an Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI)