Bispectral Index™ (BIS™) Monitoring System

Leveraging a proven algorithm, BIS™ technology provides valuable insights into an individual’s response to anesthesia, enabling personalized dosing for optimized recovery. Utilizing this technology has demonstrated the potential to decrease anesthetic agent usage by up to 38%, expedite wake-up times by 27–53%, and reduce postoperative delirium by 29%.


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1. Four-Channel EEG Monitoring:
– The monitor offers comprehensive four-channel EEG monitoring capabilities.
– This allows for a detailed and nuanced assessment of brain activity, providing a more comprehensive view compared to fewer channels.

2. Asymmetry Indicator (ASYM):
– The inclusion of an asymmetry indicator (ASYM) enables the identification and analysis of any imbalances in brain activity between different channels.
– This feature can be crucial in understanding and addressing specific asymmetries in neural function.

3. Trending BIS™ Values:
– The monitor has the capability to trend BIS™ values separately for the left and right sides of the brain.
– This functionality allows healthcare professionals to track and analyze changes in BIS™ values over time, offering valuable insights into brain activity trends.

4. User-Configurable Display and Expandability:
– Users have the flexibility to configure the display according to their preferences, enhancing the usability and adaptability of the monitor.
– The platform is designed to accommodate future expandability, ensuring that it can adapt to evolving monitoring needs and incorporate new features or technologies as they become available.



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Siraju Inonline
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aswin prasanna
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