Peripheral Dilatation Catheters

The Armada™ 14 and Armada™ 14 XT Balloon Dilatation Catheters feature a flexible yet sturdy design to prevent kinking, with a streamlined tip and low-profile balloon for optimal lesion crossability. The Armada™ 18 offers precision for both above and below-the-knee applications, with balloon lengths ranging from 20 mm to 200 mm. The Armada™ 35 provides a versatile portfolio tailored to specific clinical needs, offering balloon lengths from 20 mm to 250 mm. The RX Viatrac™ 14 Plus boasts a rapid exchange delivery system for efficient single-operator use, facilitating fast balloon exchanges, particularly suitable for vascular arterial access and dilatation.


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Armada™ 14 and Armada™ 14 XT Balloon Dilatation Catheter
-Catheter and balloon design combines flexibility and strength to prevent kinking
-Streamlined tip and a low-profile balloon designed for excellent lesion crossability

Armada™ 18 Balloon Dilatation Catheter
-Precision and effective applications for above and below-the-knee
-Balloon lengths from 20 mm to 200 mm

Armada™ 35 Balloon Dilatation Catheter
-Offers a broad portfolio with each size range engineered for specific clinical situations
-Balloon lengths from 20 mm to 250 mm

RX Viatrac™ 14 Plus Balloon Dilatation Catheter
-Rapid exchange delivery system for single-operator use and fast balloon exchanges
-Ideal for vascular arterial access and dilatation



Siraju Inonline
Siraju Inonline
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Addagadde Ramesh
Worst product no gurantee
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aswin prasanna
It is not yeah giving ha good product for value of money 😡 giving worst quality of products don't want to buy it