Syringe Pump

The Perfusor® Space® Syringe Pump by B. Braun Medical Inc. is FDA-cleared for air and road transport, suitable for adults, pediatrics, and neonates. Weighing just 3 pounds, its versatile design accommodates vertical and horizontal delivery for IV and enteral infusions. Developed with input from Healthcare Human Factors, it prioritizes intuitive workflow and navigation, undergoing thorough usability testing with practicing clinicians.


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FDA-Cleared Transport Capability:
– First syringe pump approved by the FDA for both air and road transport, ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of medications during transportation.

Safety-Focused Design:
– Automatic syringe drive arm and piston brake to prevent accidental bolus administration during syringe changes, coupled with post-occlusion bolus reduction software for enhanced safety.

Modular and Efficient Construction:
– Independent modularity to prevent channel confusion and catastrophic pump failures, along with a lightweight and compact design that allows for vertical stacking, optimizing space in healthcare settings.

User-Friendly KeyGuard™ Interface:
– Unique KeyGuard™ featuring a non-numeric keypad with simple arrows, designed to minimize manual programming errors by forcing users to observe the screen during programming, reducing the risk of mistakes such as zero versus decimal errors.

Siraju Inonline
Siraju Inonline
Addagadde Ramesh
Addagadde Ramesh
Worst product no gurantee
aswin prasanna
aswin prasanna
It is not yeah giving ha good product for value of money 😡 giving worst quality of products don't want to buy it