Uni-Graft® K DV Impregnated knitted polyester graft

Uni-Graft® K DV is a vascular graft crafted from knitted polyester fibers, featuring double velour and absorbable modified gelatin impregnation. The patented aldehyde-free technology ensures exceptional biocompatibility and user safety, reducing initial graft porosity from approximately 1900 ml/min/cm² to 0 ml/min/cm² at implantation.


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1. True Zero-Porosity: Ensures optimal graft performance by minimizing the risk of leaks and enhancing long-term durability.
2. Aldehyde-Free Impregnation Technology: Reduces the potential for adverse reactions and complications associated with aldehyde-based solutions during graft implantation.
3. Low Thrombogenicity Gelatine: Minimizes the likelihood of blood clot formation, promoting improved blood flow and reducing the risk of thrombotic complications.
4. Double Velour Structure: Facilitates effective healing of the graft, enhancing its integration with surrounding tissues for better long-term outcomes.

1. Reconstructive Procedures on the Aorta and Peripheral Arteries: Suitable for a wide range of vascular reconstruction surgeries, ensuring versatility in addressing different patient needs.
2. Extra-Anatomical Procedures: Provides a reliable option for surgical interventions that involve non-standard anatomical approaches.
3. Patients with Clotting Disorders: Particularly beneficial for individuals with clotting disorders, offering a solution that minimizes the risk of thrombotic events.
4. Emergency Surgery: Designed for immediate use without the need for pre-clotting, making it well-suited for emergency situations where rapid intervention is crucial.

Straight Tubes, Bifurcated Grafts, Axillo-Bifemoral Grafts, and Tapered Configurations: Available in various diameters and lengths, providing a comprehensive range to accommodate diverse patient anatomies and surgical requirements.

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Siraju Inonline
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Addagadde Ramesh
Worst product no gurantee
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aswin prasanna
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