DreamStation CPAP & BiPAP Therapy Systems

DreamStation CPAP & BiPAP Therapy Systems, not available for purchase in the United States, offer comfortable and user-friendly positive airway pressure sleep therapy. These devices connect patients and care teams, fostering confidence in care and enabling efficient patient management.


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Efficient Device Experience: Streamlined design for easy in-home evaluation, reducing troubleshooting time and unnecessary returns.

User-Friendly Design: Sleek, light, and intuitive device with easy navigation, front-facing display, and one-piece humidifier for a hassle-free patient experience.

Smart Acclimation Tools: Includes EZ-Start and SmartRamp algorithms for patient comfort during PAP therapy initiation and long-term use.

Connectivity Hub: Integrated Bluetooth, optional Wi-Fi, and cellular modems for comprehensive connectivity, supporting patient engagement and care team communication.

Motivational Progress Tracking: Daily summaries of usage trends and 30-day overviews encourage patient adherence and motivation.

Self-Management Support: Built-in Bluetooth for easy connection to DreamMapper, providing goal-setting tools, videos, and ongoing feedback for patient motivation.

Care Team Collaboration: Philips Respironics Care Orchestrator facilitates collaboration with actionable insights and features like Rx changes, data pull, and Performance Checks.

Siraju Inonline
Siraju Inonline
Addagadde Ramesh
Addagadde Ramesh
Worst product no gurantee
aswin prasanna
aswin prasanna
It is not yeah giving ha good product for value of money 😡 giving worst quality of products don't want to buy it